A Day at Park Square 41STGRANVILLE

Open Letter to All Good Spirits

Dear Selfologists,

From Selfology Wellness Spa at 41ST GRANVILLE, hope and love are flowing, a result of the past three years we are now leaving behind, not knowing.   

No matter the challenges we face, hope and love must persist, to help us all grow and to exist.

As we search for a new home to grow, finding good become an essential mission to know.

Hope and offering hope will guide us for the next seven years, to create an unforgettable Selfology experience, free of fears.

Leaving Granville & 16th after seven years (2014-2021), was a leap of faith and not without its fears.

The challenges of reimagining and utilizing the hair space at 16th Ave, coupled with increasing traffic delays and high costs, led us to this new place.    As the hair department ended with pandemic, it allows for a greater focus in our core department in wellness spa and skin care. 

Our relocation happened a year earlier than expected, with the lease at the old 16th Ave location supposedly to end December 2022, but growth was not at hand. 

So in January 2022, we leaped away and rented two rooms from a salon on W57 near Choices Market, as we take our time to continue the search for good landlords and people to learn and grow with that final heavenly space. 

The moving about was not without its challenges, as it is a typical relocation story, and we earned through the challenges a new level of awareness and awe from the Selfology Superfamily, for all Relatable Relationships. 

Shining from SELFOLOGY 41STGRANVILLE, hope and love are flowing, a small retreat in the 41st & Granville’s Park Square building.   Plenty of free parking in the area and additionally we have our own reserved parking (spot 16 &17 inside,  daily from 8 am to 6 pm).

And plans we have, in resuming many popular programs such as Selfology Private Spa Party, an unforgettable feeling with family and friends.

Stay tuned for more, including our anew location Grand Opening engagement and promotions, as we continue to spread hope and love with Selfology notions.



The Selfology Superfamily

Updated on September 9th, 2023
First Published on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Stay tuned for more.

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