$5 milllion

$5 milllion

$5 milllion 165,869 views Apr 11, 2022 Big city gatekeepers—like Vancouver City Hall—are destroying the home ownership dreams of working class youth. Enough. If they want more federal money, these big city politicians will need to approve more home building. Become a member and vote: https://www.pierre4pm.ca/membership

What can account for this phenomenon?

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Sep 15, 2022 (Thur)
Good Change is Coming
Good Change is Coming

Sweet words in a soft voice, pious musings and aching apologies, ever-so-earnest declarations of personal and social virtue. 

$5 milllion


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Born and raised in bc and I’m sickened by the property value and how horrible the property’s are . No room to live . Bang on video !!!!
I’m 28. Having grown up in Toronto, I have never once in my life entertained the idea of owning a home, it always felt unattainable regardless of what career I would pursue. It is a sad state of affairs. I do want a home now, but the only thing that has changed is I have realized that I have to leave Toronto and ideally Canada. It’s hard to leave family behind but I see no future here. This is why Pierre gives me so much hope and I wish he could be PM right now! If he could help fix this broken country and restore it to the great land it was when my parents grew up, I would stay (or if I do leave, would happily come back if he is elected!)
It sucks being a young Canadian today. I’ve done what I grew up seeing leed to a good life for millions of Canadians, I got a job in highschool, worked through collage, got into a skilled trade and have been working ever since. Even after all that it looks like I will never own a home, have a family, have the opportunity to retire & sadly I’m far from alone in this situation. When people feel hopeless they turn to drugs, alcohol & any cheap reckless activites they can do to get some sort of satisfaction out of life & I’m seeing that happen more and more to the people around me. I hope this changes and we can get Canada back to a place where young people like myself can afford a home, reliable transportation, good food, all the things you need to support a family & bring up the next generation of canadians Edit: thanks for all the words of encouragement and food for thought everyone.

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I’ve never voted before because I was always looking for someone that believed in virtually everything I do. I’m learning now that that position was selfish and disingenuous. While I disagree with Pierre on foreign policy when it comes to domestic issues there is no one better suited. He’s intelligent, genuine and thoughtful and is willing to fight for Canadians on a level not seens in decades. If I can set aside my pessimism, differing opinions to support him anyone can.
As an American, I see Mr. Poilievre as a shining hope that there are still people who embrace the welfare of the working people. Through people like Mr. Poilievre we can break down the system designed to provide endlessly for the manipulators, often through government, of our economy at the expense of the common man. We , in America, must also find a Mr. Poilievre.
He is not even campaigning to lead the Conservatives; he knows he will win already and is telling you he’ll be the next prime minister. He has my vote and the vote of practically every liberal I know
You can be an engineer, a lawyer and yet still unable to work towards a home without help from wealthy parents. Everything you said is so right! Power back to the middle class, those wanting to take on responsibility and burden for a better future
As a side note; It is important that the Federal Government honestly addresses the lack of enforcement that exist with the horrendously large amount of money laundering through housing in Canada.
Once the system change everything else will change. We need a right person to manage our country and you Pierre are the one.🇨🇦☘️
The whole system is corrupt.
The solution to just about every problem in Canada is, and always has been, get 90% of government and regulations out of the way. Asking government to help solve the problem is like asking cancer to cure cancer.
Ive followed you for years, long before you announced this run I was saying this guy needs to save Canada…and here you go, wishing you a super successful run and victory Pierre, Cheers from Florida sir!
Sad times. And this is exactly why many, 30 year workers I work with, are still living with their parents & single. So this will also effect, population growth in the future. Thanks Pierre. You have my vote!!

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Imagine the irony when the CPC becomes the party of the working class… Eat your heart out Mr. Singh. Thank you Pierre for all you have done for Canada, and all you have yet to do. Thank you.
Just joined the conservative party to ensure my vote for Pierre . I encourage viewers to do the same. Canada needs Pierre.
Thank you for talking to Canadians on “ground level” and no pun intended . Another point I want to stress and a bit off the topic of property … Thank you for supporting the truckers and now being demonized for it but Trudeau successfully imprinted on our minds exactly what kind of leader he is or isn’t .
You forgot to mention that a LARGE percentage of ownership is from foreign investment. Canadian real estate has been a preferred way to wash illegal proceeds from other countries. You know it, I know it and many Canadians know it. 🇨🇦
I’m 34, grew up my entire life in Canada, worked my first job at 14 and have been working more or less ever since, and I’m prudent with my money, but in no way shape or form can I currently afford a home. My next step is to leave this country once mandates are lifted.
I will support hard working people with their tools out. I will not support lazy dreamers with their hands out.
The conservatives need to appoint Pierre and get a non confidence vote. This confederation can’t survive more Justin.
Big city gatekeepers—like Vancouver City Hall—are destroying the home ownership dreams of working class youth. Enough. If they want more federal money, these big city politicians will need to approve more home building.
Become a member and vote: https://www.pierre4pm.ca/membership

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJFNVhGELQo
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$5 milllion

$5 milllion $5 milllion 165,869 views Apr 11, 2022 Big city gatekeepers—like Vancouver City Hall—are destroying the home ownership dreams

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