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Selfology Bookings

Returning, Rebooking, and Direct Purchases

Selfology Booking in a Nutshell

Booking ARs are prioritized by the Selfology Reception (“SR“).

1. Once we have your Appointment Requests (“AR“), we will generate time-sensitive Tentative Booking (“TB“) for your review.


2. Please confirm by replying to the right TB Email as sometimes, we issue multiple TBs for your choosing.


3. Upon receiving your confirmation on the right TB Email, we will run a final check on availability and fit, and a Final Confirmation w/ Calendar Attachment (FCw/CA) will arrive that confirms your selfology reservation.


■ Note: the Mindbody booking system will text you via 1 (604) 229-1841 for the automated information; this number is a no-reply number.


■ For additional quests, write to, or SMS at 604-733-7776

■ Two days before the appointment, kindly click on the confirmation link within that reminder email (or by SMS when opted in).


■ Each AR created will also add you to the active Waitlist automatically.   We will also keep an eye for other spots that matches your preference pattern.  


■ For Rescheduling or cancellation, please complete the form at two Days Prior. 

For all other curiosities write to us at


Warm Heartedness,

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