Unlock Your Creativity with Iris Algom

You are creative, even if you don’t think so!
welcome to Creativity sessions
Bring discovery, imagination,wonder and joy into your life…!!
Through self-discovery, exploring , different exercises, through art, design architecture writing and many more.

No previous experience is necessary!!!!!

Fun is mandatory 😊

○ liberate your creative voice
○ awaken your spontaneity and originality
○ transform anxiety into enthusiasm

You’ll use these tools long after the workshop ends.

INSTRUCTOR – Iris Algom,Artist, Creativity Coach, Mentor

Set your creativity, free
you are creative, even if you don’t think so learn how to increase your access to Creativity in all areas of your life!!!

Unlock your Creativity

with Iris Algom

Creativity Workshop

Heart and Mind Together

Creativity Workshop Building Relationships

Creativity Workshop


Key Moments

Listening empathically

Listening actively and empathically to your loved ones and showing interest in their thoughts and feelings.

Practicing gratitude

Practicing gratitude for the people in your life and the experiences you have shared with them.


Engaging in social activities with friends and family who support you and make you feel good.

Laughing Together

Having fun and laughing together with your loved ones and finding joy in the simple things.

Feel at home

Together, we can Grow Each Other




Laughing Together


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Peek Into The Magical Selfology Creativity Workshop

Creativity from the Heart
Creativity from the Heart
Creativity from the Heart
Creativity from the Heart
Time Honoured Method with Modern Materials






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How to Use BIOESQUE® ENVIE for Different Skin Concerns

BIOESQUE® ENVIE is a versatile and effective device that can address various skin concerns. Whether you want to brighten, firm, hydrate, or smooth your skin, BIOESQUE® ENVIE can help you achieve your skincare goals. Here are some tips on how to use BIOESQUE® ENVIE for different skin concerns.

Discover the Secret to a Radiant and Healthy Complexion with Bioesque Envie and Unlock Your Creativity with Iris Algom

How to Rejuvenate Your Skin with Bioesque Envie and Unlock Your Creativity with Iris Algom

Join us for an evening of fun and relaxation as each participant will enjoy a thirty minutes of signature Selfology Spa Flow using Bioesque Envie, a revolutionary device that combines solar-energy microcurrent technology and 24K gold plating to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. You will also enjoy a creative workshop with Iris Algom, an experienced artist and instructor.
Welcome to the anew
Reach by Hand Heal by Heart
Evolving the Way with Ways.