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Body Temple at Selfology
自我生態。 自我身態。

“The body is the temple of the soul. Whatever is worshipped within it, one should strive to maintain its strength, beauty, and cleanliness as much as possible. This is Aomame’s unwavering belief.” – Haruki Murakami, “1Q84”

Discover the sanctuary of self-care at Selfology’s Body Temple. Experience transformative wellness and beauty treatments tailored to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace your journey to a joyful life with our personalized skincare plans and aesthetic enhancements. Visit us at Granville & 41st—Your place for self-renewal.

“身體是人的神殿,這裡無論祭奉什麼,都應該更盡量保持強韌、保持美麗清潔,這是青豆毫不動搖的信念。” – 村上春樹,《1Q84》

Selfology’s Body Temple (自我生態 。 自我身態。) 探索自我保健的避風港。體驗量身定製的變革性健康和美容護理,讓您的思想、身體和精神恢復活力。通過我們的個人化護膚計劃和美學提升,擁抱您的快樂生活之旅。訪問我們的Granville&41st–你的自我更新的地方。

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Step into our Granville & 41st sanctuary, where a world of self-care awaits. Our loving Selfology family eagerly anticipates your arrival, promising a journey of serenity and growth.

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