The Story of All of Us. 我們大家的故事。

Selfology: Celebrating a Legacy of Wellness and Transformation at Granville & 41st

In the quiet spaces of our lives, where hope whispers and dreams dare to soar, there lies a path we all seek—a journey towards our truest selves. This is the essence of Selfology, a sanctuary where each step is a dance, each breath a song, and every moment a chance to become who we are meant to be.

The Seedling Years: Roots of Passion (2007-2013)

The Seedling Years: Roots of Passion (2007-2013) Once upon a time, in the heart of a bustling world, a seed was planted. It was not just any seed, but one imbued with the essence of care, the promise of growth, and the potential to touch lives. As years passed, this seed took root, sprouting into a haven of healing and hope.

What seeds of passion have you sown and seen flourish? Share with us the fruits of your journey.

The Era of Connection: Nurturing Souls (2014-2021)

Embracing Souls (2014-2021) in The Era of Connection: came an era where laughter echoed off walls and floors bore witness to countless journeys. It was more than a place; it was a sanctuary for connections, a tapestry woven from the stories of all who entered, leaving imprints of their essence—a shared legacy of wellness.

When has a connection deeply touched your soul? We invite you to share these moments that have shaped your path.

The Great Relocation: Leap of Faith (2022)

In the chronicles of our voyage, there stands a chapter marked by courage—a leap of faith into the unknown. It was a testament to our collective resolve, a move not of place, but of spirit, as we sought a world where justice and love reign supreme.

The Ruthless and the Ruthful: The Great Relocation of 2022 ⋆

Can you recall a time when faith guided your steps through uncertainty? Tell us about your journey through change.

The Interlude of Adaptation

Harmony in Transition (Nestled within a Salon’s Embrace) in the Interlude of Adaptation: In the symphony of our story, a delicate interlude played—a time of transition, where the melody of Selfology was embraced within the nurturing confines of a salon. In two small rooms, our community’s heartbeat continued, undiminished. It was a testament to the loyalty and love that binds us, a period where every challenge was met with collective strength and every small space was filled with grand dreams.

In the cozy embrace of modest spaces, how have you discovered the melody of harmony? Surrounded by those who journey with you, whose support never wavers, we find strength in unity. Share with us your stories of unwavering bonds and collective resilience.

Rebirth and Radiance in The Haven of Renewal at Granville & 41st Park Square, finally in early 2023.

And so, we arrive at the present, a juncture of rebirth and radiance. Our new abode at Granville & 41st Park Square is not merely a location—it is a canvas for dreams, a forge for the future, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Selfology family.

In this haven of renewal, what dreams do you aspire to manifest? Share with us the visions that spark your spirit.

In the darkest of times, when everything seems lost, remember that strength lies in unity.” — Mattie Stepanek

Selfology Superfamily

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幼苗歲月:激情的根源(2007-2013) 曾幾何時,在繁華世界的中心,種下了一顆種子。它不僅僅是一粒種子,而是一粒充滿關懷本質、成長承諾和觸及生命潛力的種子。隨著歲月的流逝,這顆種子生根發芽,成為治癒和希望的避風港。



擁抱靈魂 (2014-2021) 在連接時代:一個笑聲在牆壁上回蕩的時代到來,地板上見證了無數的旅程。它不僅僅是一個地方;它是聯繫的避難所,是一幅由所有進入者的故事編織而成的掛毯,留下了他們本質的印記——共同的健康遺產。


大搬遷:信仰的飛躍 (2022)


無情與無情:2022 年的大搬遷











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Welcome to SELFOLOGY 41STGRANVILLE: A Haven of Hope and Love

Nestled in the Park Square building at 41st & Granville, our cozy retreat awaits you. Experience the warmth and positivity we offer at SELFOLOGY.

Enjoy ample free parking nearby, and take advantage of our reserved spots 16 and 17 inside the building from 8 am to 6 pm daily.

When reserving your Selfology experience, you’ll have the opportunity to request a reserved parking spot. Please remember that all parking requests require final confirmation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our sanctuary of serenity.


Discover the best ways to park and explore the neighborhood around your Selfology location by visiting the Parking & Local Guides page. 

Join us at Selfology 41STGRANVILLE, where hope and love shine from our peaceful retreat in the Park Square building.

Plenty of free parking in the area, or use our own reserved inside parking spots 16 & 17, daily from 8 am to 6 pm.  

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Step into our Granville & 41st sanctuary, where a world of self-care awaits. Our loving Selfology family eagerly anticipates your arrival, promising a journey of serenity and growth.

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