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Sunspots / Age Spots

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The best way to care for Sunspots/Age Spots

(aka. Solar Lentigines / Liver Spots)

Φ 老年斑 / 曬斑

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A Sunspots also also known as sun-induced freckle or solar lentigines. 

It is a dark (hyperpigmented) lesion caused by natural or artificial ultraviolet (UV) light.

Solar lentigines may be single or multiple.  

Solar lentigines are benign, but they do indicate excessive sun exposure, a risk factor that may rise to the development of skin cancer eventually if not properly cared for. 

Sunspots most commonly occur in older adults, particularly those who sunburn easily and fail to tan, but they may also occur in children.

Sunspots typically appear on areas exposed to natural or artificial UV light. They appear as well-defined, light brown to black, flat spots. In people who have been treated with a form of UV light therapy called PUVA, sunspots may occur in areas of the skin not exposed to UV light.

Exposure to UV radiation can cause Sunspots. You’re more likely to get this condition if you:


  • have fair skin
  • have been exposed to the sun a lot, or have had several sunburns
  • tan indoors
  • have had phototherapy or radiation therapy
  • In other cases, an inherited syndrome can cause lentigines.

People of all ages and both genders can get sunspots.

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