Khatsahlano (Khat-sah-lah-no): A Symphony of Culture on West 4th

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Get Ready to Rock West 4th at Khatsahlano!

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K Khatsahlano

Names That Echoes Through Time

Khatsahlano—this evocative name resonates with the rich tapestry of Vancouver’s history. It’s a tribute to Chief August Jack Khatsahlano, a Squamish medicine man whose legacy is interwoven with the Kitsilano area’s past. To pronounce “Khatsahlano,” say “Khat-sah-lah-no”, with a soft emphasis on each syllable. In Chinese, the festival’s name is phonetically rendered as 卡薩拉諾 (Kǎ sà lā nuò), bridging cultural divides with the universal language of music and celebration.

The Festivities Logistics

As you plan your journey to the heart of Kitsilano’s celebration, here’s what you need to know:

卡 卡薩拉諾 Khatsahlano


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