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Take a virtual hike through a sun-lit forest and listen nature sounds! Enjoy the natural peace along the forest paths and explore the rich natural landscapes of British Columbia that filled with streams, rivers, lakes, hills, beaches and lush woods. Listen to dry branches underfoot and lovely bird chirping… Brighten up your day with beautiful nature scenes in 4K 60fps and find solitude with nature. You will walk along great wooden walkways and discover lush emerald vegetation and wonderful trees providing great shade on a sunny day. Only you with nature. Forget about all the daily worries and take forest baths! Feel the deep connection with nature and the influx of new energy. Enjoy this lovely hike without leaving your couch! Turn your black TV into a gorgeous window to nature!

4K Virtual Hike through Canadian Forest (with Nature Sounds) – Incredible Nature of British Columbia – YouTube


The Wanderlust Journeys​


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