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The best way to care for Fine Lines

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Fine lines are small, shallow creases that form on thin, delicate skin. Fine lines on your face are associated with repetitive movements (think: frowning, smiling, squinting, and laughing).


You’ll usually see these fines lines first around your eyes and mouth.   This is because the skin there is relatively thin and moves a lot during the day.


On a more technical level, fine lines are less than two millimeters deep and are associated with the earliest signs of aging. Over time, these fine lines can develop into deeper folds and wrinkles.

The first visible fine lines appear around the eyes.

Fine lines around the eyes are often the first visible sign of skin aging and are known as ‘crow’s feet’ or ‘laughter lines’. This is because the thinner skin in this area is more prone to developing lines than elsewhere on the face. There fine lines develop into wrinkles and get more pronounced over time.


Loss of collagen and elastin

Sun exposure
Fair skin
Dry skin
Repetitive movements
Side sleeping

  • Venus Viva 4D Diamond Polar™ Skin Tightening + Active Collagen Facial
  • OxyGeneo Facial
  • Anti-Aging & Firming Radio Frequency Facial
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Botulinum Toxin Injection ( BOTOX®)
  • Hydrafill Facial – Needleless Mesotherapy
  • Timeless Facial – Needleless Mesotherapy
  • One Love Facial with Hydrating Eye & Lip Mask
  • One Love Facial, Full Body Exfoliation, Hydrating Eye & Lip Mask
  1. Clayton Shagal Clinical Elasthy Extract

  2. Clayton Shagal Clinical Colhy Extract

  3. Clayton Shagal Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  4. Clayton Shagal Idratense Cream

  5. Clayton Shagal Nutri Sublime Cream

  6. Clayton Shagal Illumine Cream

  7. Clayton Shagal Cucumber and Avocado Mask
  8. Clayton Shagal AHA Exfoliating Mask

  9. Clayton Shagal Elastin Serum

  10. Clayton Shagal Mokaccino Mask

  11. Clayton Shagal AHA Scrub

  12. Clayton Shagal Bamboo and Honey Exfoliant

  13. Clayton Shagal Oat Bran Scrub

  14. Clayton Shagal Milk Cleanser

  15. Clayton Shagal Collagen Serum

  16. TIZO2® FACIAL PRIMER SUNSCREEN Non-Tinted Matte Finish SPF 40

  17. Satin Smooth LuxGold Foil Sheet Mask

  18. Satin Smooth Luxgold Under Eye Sheet Mask

  19. Engel Gesicht Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Sheet Face Mask

  20. RVB ICON TIME SUPERMASK Anti-Age Repairing Mask

  21. RVB ICON TIME SUPERMASK Soothing Relax Mask for Eyes and Critical Points

  22. Clayton Shagal Hydra Derm Cream

  23. Clayton Shagal Clinical Colhy Gel

  24. Clayton Shagal Clinical Elasthy Gel

  25. Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus

  26. Clayton Shagal Elastin Gel Plus

  27. Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel

  28. Clayton Shagal Elastin Gel

The Best Way to Care for Fine Lines

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