OxyGeneo Facial Series Hydrating or Brightening  Five Options Within Each

OxyGeneo Facial Series

Hydrating & Brightening

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Using the OxyPod with Geneo device and Primer Gel achieves 3 benefits that Oxygeneo offers: exfoliation, oxygenation and nourishment. These already ensure immediately visible results that are then further enhanced by the Geneo Serum, a complementary part of the Geneo treatment kit. This serum is uniquely formulated to complete the benefits achieved with the OxyPod by providing nutrition to the skin via a synergistic combination of active ingredients

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OxyGeneo Facial Series (Hydrating & Brightening)

  • OxyGeneo Facial Series (Hydrating & Brightening)
    OxyGeneo Facial Series (Hydrating & Brightening)

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This is an image showing Rosacea (Original Chinese: 紅斑痤瘡, 酒糟鼻) (Source: The Selfology Skincare Guide—A Comprehensive Skincare Guide for All Skin Types and Complexions —selfology,co/skincare— Autumn Edition)
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