We use names to guide, knowing faith sees beyond. 我們用名字來指導,也知道信仰超越了名字


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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Dear Selfology Superfamily,

Introducing the Blooming Wonders: A Journey Through Nature’s Poetry.


In the enchanting world of flowers, wisdom, devotion, gratitude, and love intertwine with grace and elegance.   All in phi, interconnectedness at bloom.   Come selfology for that delightful expedition through the most famous flowers from A to J, each carrying its own unique meaning and poetic story.

Let’s wander through the star-shaped Aster, symbolizing wisdom and devotion, as it blooms gracefully in late summer and autumn. Behold the Begonia, a delicate flower reflecting gratitude, uniqueness, and caution, resembling a heart with a drop of love at its tip.

As we continue our journey, the Camellia reveals loyalty and friendship in its cheerful and vibrant colors. Marvel at the Daffodil, exuding dignity and elegance with its striking petals and vibrant hues.

Courage and devotion await as we encounter the rare and precious Edelweiss, growing in the lofty altitudes of the Alps. Embrace the innocence and trust of the Freesia, its bell-shaped blooms fragrant and delicate.

Feel the purity and grace emanating from the exquisite Gardenia, a flower as beautiful as a dream. Gratitude and understanding flourish in the lush clusters of the Hydrangea, in various shades of blue, pink, or white.

Find faith and hope in the elegant Iris, its three distinct colored petals exuding wisdom and valor. Finally, immerse yourself in the delicate fragrance of the Jasmine, a flower of love and happiness.

Embark on this journey of floral wonder and uncover the poetic tales that bloom in nature’s garden. Let these flowers weave their magic, inspiring your heart and soul with their beauty and grace.

Welcome to the world of Blooming Wonders!

In the text I came across, there is a captivating table featuring famous flowers from A to J. Each flower is accompanied by its meaning, a poetic introduction reflecting its history and significance, a code name for easy recall, and the corresponding name in Traditional Chinese.

As we scoured the web, I gathered a selection of these renowned flowers for you, revealing their beautiful meanings and symbolic representations. From the wisdom and devotion of the Aster to the love and happiness symbolized by Jasmine, each flower conveys a unique message that resonates across cultures, East to West, and West to East.

Allow me to share with you this delightful discovery, showcasing the essence of these exquisite flowers and the poetic stories they carry. May this compilation inspire and enrich your knowledge of the world’s most cherished blooms.

With warm regards,

Page showing how the names come about for the Selfology at Granville & 41st:

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[Table of Famous Flowers from A to J]

Space/Room Name 

Flower Name 




Core Meaning 

General Descriptions 


Room A 

The Aster Room

@ Selfology Granville & 41St



Faith, wisdom, valor 

A star among flowers, aster shines with faith and wisdom. It brings valor to those who seek it and brightens up any garden. 

Aster, a realm of joy,

Where you’re free to be and enjoy, With selfology and ology.land, Uncover your essence, understand your grand.

Aster, an ode to Grace,

Brightening smiles on every face,

A blooming grace, its blooms embrace, In its presence, find solace and embrace.

Room B 

The Begonia Room @ Selfology Granville & 41St



Gratitude, Uniqueness, Caution 

 Begonia warns of caution and danger, but also expresses gratitude and appreciation. It is a humble flower that adapts to different environments and blooms in various colors.

Begonia is divine

A heavenly design

Begonia is the sign

Of joy and grace combined

In this room, you’ll find your way

They guide you to your destiny

With wisdom and a helping hand

Room C 

The Camellia

Room @ Selfology Granville & 41St



Admiration, perfection, gratitude and faithfulness.

Camellia flowers are large and come in various colors, blooming during late fall, winter, or early spring. They have glossy evergreen leaves, symbolizing love, admiration, and gratitude, while some varieties emit a delicate fragrance. These ornamental plants thrive in temperate regions, brightening gardens and landscapes with their beauty and longevity.

Camellia, you are a flower of splendor

You bloom in the winter and the spring

You impress with your perfection and your tender

You convey gratitude and faithfulness with your ring

Camellia, you are a flower of wonder

Room D 

The Daffodil

Room @ Selfology Granville & 41St



Rebirth, new beginnings, joy 

Daffodil heralds the arrival of spring and signifies rebirth and new beginnings. It is a joyful flower that spreads happiness and hope wherever it grows. 

Daffodils shine like stars

In the springtime sky

They fill my heart with wonder

And make me want to fly

They are the friends of nature

And the heralds of joy

Room E 


Courage, devotion, loyalty 

 Edelweiss is a rare and precious flower that grows in high altitudes. It represents courage and devotion to overcome challenges and hardships. It also signifies loyalty and fidelity in love. 

Come to the Edelweiss

And breathe the alpine air

The white stars shine with grace

The wooly leaves are fair

Here you can rest and ease your mind

And forget your troubles for a while

The Edelweiss will calm your soul

And make you smile with peace and joy

Room F 

The Freesia

Room @ Selfology Granville & 41St



Innocence, trust, friendship 

 Freesia is a delicate and fragrant flower that symbolizes innocence and trust. It is often given as a gesture of friendship and support. It also evokes sweetness and gracefulness. 

Fressia in bloom 

Seeking knowledge and loving life 

A flower of light 

Exploring the world 

Learning from nature’s wisdom 

A flower of wonder 

Discovering self 

Finding the path to best self 

A flower of grace 

This style is called haiku. It is a type of short poem that originated in Japan. It usually consists of three lines with a total of 17 syllables, following a pattern of 5-7-5. Haikus often focus on nature, emotions, or moments of beauty. 

Office G 

The Gardenia

Office @ Selfology Granville & 41St



Purity, sweetness, secret love 

 Gardenia is a pure white flower that exudes sweetness and elegance. It is often associated with secret love or admiration for someone. It also conveys joy and peace to the recipient. 

In Office G, where whispers sway,

A place of grace in the light of day.

The Gardenia blooms with pure delight,

Exuding sweetness, love’s secret in flight.

With elegance and joy it fills the air,

A symbol of purity, love’s affair.

Amidst Selfology’s embrace, it thrives,

Bringing peace and joy to all who arrive.

Office H 

The Hyacinth

Office @ Selfology Granville & 41St



Sincerity, playfulness, sportiness  

Hyacinth is a colorful flower that expresses sincerity and honesty.  It also reflects playfulness, and sportiness, as it was named after 

a Greek youth who loved games. 

In a room named after Hyacinth 

A flower of love and sorrow 

I find myself inspired by its myth 

And hope for a better tomorrow 

Hyacinth was a hero slain by wind 

But his blood became a bloom 

Apollo honored him with a floral grin 

And gave him eternal perfume 

Hyacinth is a symbol of devotion 

Beyond death and pain 

It shows a passionate emotion 

That nothing can restrain 

Hyacinth is also a gem of blue 

That sparkles in the light 

It reminds me of the beauty in you 

And fills me with delight 

Hyacinth is more than just a flower 

It’s an ology of self and soul 

It helps me discover my inner power 

And makes me feel whole 

Space I 

Space I @ Selfology Granville & 41St



Faith, hope, wisdom 


is a majestic flower 

that symbolizes faith, 


and wisdom. 

It also represents royalty and divine protection, 

as it was sacred 

to the Greek goddess 

of the rainbow. 

Room I is a space 

To be yourself 

And express your voice 

A place 

To connect with others 

And share your joys 

A stage 

To showcase your talents 

And inspire your audience 

Room I is your super home 

To feel comfortable 

And belong to a community 

Space J 

Space J @ Selfology Granville & 41St







is a fragrant flower 

that evokes romance, 


and sensuality. 

It also signifies purity and grace, 

as it is often used 

in religious ceremonies 

and rituals. 

You are a flower of wonder and delight

You fill my senses with your heavenly scent

You remind me of the source of all light

The one who created you with love and intent

You flourish in gardens and in meadows

You bring happiness to all who behold you

You symbolize harmony and serenity

You inspire me to seek wisdom and beauty


Superfamily Prayer

O selfology, the science of the soul

To find oneself, the ultimate goal

To know thyself is to be free

From all that binds and burdens thee


O ology, the study of all things

To explore the world, the joy it brings

To learn and grow with every day

To seek the truth in every way


O selfology and ology land Spirit, together you unite

To guide us on our journey, to shine your inner light

To help us heal and nurture, to empower and inspire

To make us better humans, to lift us ever higher


We thank you for your wisdom, we thank you for your love

We thank you for your vision, we thank you from above

We pray that you continue, to share your gifts and grace

We pray that you remain with us, in this and every place























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