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History is sacrosanct
History is Sacrosanct
An Open Letter from Selfology to Mindbody
2024.03.28 1322 [MBO] Open Letter to Miindbody
An Open Letter

An Open Letter from Selfology to Mindbody


2024.03.28 1322 [MBO] Open Letter to Miindbody


Subject: Our Departure and Insights

Dear Mindbody Team,

With a blend of gratitude and resolve, we pen this letter—a farewell from the heart. A decade of partnership has etched memories, both golden and frayed. As we step beyond the threshold, we offer our reflections—a lantern to illuminate the path for others.

  1. Expensive and Low Return on Investment (RTI) Our ledgers, inked with diligence, tell a tale of diminishing returns. The currency of trust exchanged for services rendered yielded a meager harvest. For small businesses like ours, each coin counts—a tribute to growth or a tolling bell.
  2. Old Age Technology with No Future Proofing The loom of innovation weaves ceaselessly. Yet, Mindbody’s fabric, once vibrant, now bears the patina of antiquity. We sought a loom that spins threads of tomorrow, not yesterday.
  3. Website and Payment Ease: A Chasm Unbridged In the bustling marketplace of digital commerce, ease is the currency. Alas, Mindbody’s gatehouse lacked the grace of a well-oiled turnstile. Customers, like merchants, seek swift passage—a cartwheel of convenience.
  4. Lack of Integration with Cheaper Alternatives like Mailchimp Our scrolls of correspondence yearned for harmony—a symphony of data flowing seamlessly. Alas, Mindbody’s integration with Mailchimp resembled a disjointed dance, each partner stepping on the other’s toes. The harmonious waltz eluded us.
  5. QuickBooks API Limitations: A Ledger Unbalanced Our financial scribes, wielding their digital quills, sought to inscribe transactions with precision. Yet, Mindbody’s QuickBooks API, akin to a frayed abacus, lacked essential beads. The balance sheet quivered, its equilibrium disrupted.
  6. User Interface and Experience (UI/UX): The “Online” Era Mindbody’s digital visage, though once radiant, now bears the wrinkles of time. The user’s gaze, impatient as a fluttering phoenix, met sluggish loading times. Our data, like tea leaves steeped too long, yielded bitterness. The “online” era beckons, yet Mindbody’s portal lingers in the past.
  7. Exclusive Programs: A Costly Path to Higher Rankings To ascend the celestial ladder, akin to YYOGA’s celestial ascent, one must proffer gold coins. Mindbody’s exclusive programs, like rare silks woven by celestial weavers, demanded tribute. Alas, our coffers were not bottomless, and the path remained veiled.
  8. Expensive Recommended Vendors: A Silk Road of Costs Mindbody’s counsel, akin to a caravan guide along the Silk Road, led us to vendors—RX Photo, Listen360, Active Campaign. Their wares, though exquisite, bore princely price tags. Our humble stall, nestled in the marketplace, strained under the weight of opulence.

We apologize for leaving Mindbody but hope you’ll consider writing off the remaining balance in good faith. As we continue sharing our experiences with the community, we invite you to explore “The Story of All of Us” on our blog at

May the winds of change carry you toward prosperous shores.

Sincerely, Selfology

Note: Mindbody was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2019, allowing the company to enhance its services for fitness, beauty, and wellness industries. For more details, refer to the official announcement on the Mindbody website. 🌟


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Growth Diary with MINDBODY


Growth Diary with MINDBODY

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Dear Guest,

At Selfology, we prioritize a smooth and effortless booking experience for your self-care journey. Our dedicated Selfology Reception (SR) team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Step 1: Submit Your Appointment Request (AR)

Share your preferred date, time, and service with us. Feel free to make changes and reschedule your ARs using or We’ll then send you Tentative Booking (TB) emails tailored to your preferences.

Step 2: Confirm Your Tentative Booking (TB)

Review the TB emails and reply to the one that best suits your needs. If you receive multiple TBs, please ensure you respond to the email with the correct date, time, and service name.

Step 3: Receive Your Final Confirmation

Upon receiving your TB confirmation, we’ll perform a final availability check and send you an email with the subject line beginning with “Selfology Reservation Confirmed” This email will solidify your Selfology reservation.

Please note the following:

  • Our booking system will text you via (646) 491-8992 with automated information. This is a no-reply number.
  • For additional requests, write to or SMS us at 604-733-7776.
  • Two reminders will be sent: one two days before your appointment and another the day before, via email or SMS if you’ve opted in.
  • Each AR automatically adds you to our active Waitlist. We’ll keep an eye out for other matching spots.
  • For rescheduling or cancellations, complete the form at two days prior to your appointment

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

With warm regards,

The Selfology Superfamily

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