TELUS: An important message about robot calls, spoofing, and fraud.


The TELUS Maze and Amazes: How a Team of Entrepreneurs Navigated the TELUS Systems | TELUS迷宮和驚奇:企業家團隊如何駕馭TELUS系統

By Peter Tu obo, Selfology Superfamily

Published Augusts 1st, 2023

TELUS: An important message about robot calls, spoofing, and fraud.

In recent years, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the differences between robot calls, spoofing, and fraud. This blog post will break down the key differences between these three terms, and provide tips on how to protect yourself from these types of scams. We’ll also explore the steps TELUS is taking to combat toll-fraud and invalid calls, and how these measures will benefit their customers.

The Telus Call Centre Mazes 

One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with this issue is the lack of consistency in communication with TELUS representatives. The endless toll-free numbers and constant turnover of customer service agents can leave customers feeling lost and unheard. This blog post will provide some much-needed clarity and guidance for those affected by this issue.

Global Impact of Outsourcing: Understanding Syndromes and Their Effects on Local and Overseas Communities


Diary Dates

2023.08.04 [SF] TELUS—BLOG—selfology.co_TELUS
2023.08.04 [SF] TELUS_VoIP Records from Dropbox (Ark)
2023.08.04 [OL] TELUS 6,000 Layoffs per 61% Profit Drop
2023.08.01 [SGG] TBC—Outreach Granville Gardens
2023.07.29 [OL] CFE—Bill C-11 Review
2023.07.27 [SF] TELUS—Email to Leader Groups over the Decade
2023.07.26 [SF] TELUS—Reply Orman and Reminder on Checklist
2023.07.26 [SF] TELUS—Check if Tool Free Issue Resolved
2023.07.22 [SF] TELUS—on the Way Business Connect Billing Was for Years
2023.07.22 [SF] TELUS—LTR to CEO Delivery
2023.07.22 [SF] TELUS—EMAIL to CEO Escalation Team from 2016
2023.07.22 [SF] TELUS—CRTC Reporting
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—TOLL FREE No Longer an Issue by Writing & Why
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—TOLL FREE Issue Billing RetroRefunding
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—CAUSATION on TOLL FREE Fraud or Error
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—CASE ID for Toll Free Investigations (Ombuds)
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—CASE ID and Manager for Wireline (TELUS I+S)
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—CASE ID and Manager for VoIP (TELUS BC VoIP)
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—5. COC Vimeo REC for Orman via Email
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—5. CALL with Orman after some Emailing
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—4. Orman T. Has Not Called Today Even Thou Accepted Meeting
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—3. CALL with Orman T.
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—2. Emailed Orman re Meet (2 more emails)
2023.07.21 [SF] TELUS—1. Emailed Orman re Meeting Time
2023.07.20 [SF] TELUS—Orman Accepted Meeting
2023.07.20 [SF] TELUS—Continue to Reach Orman of TELUS BC VOIP
2023.07.18 [SF] TELUS—Orman Claims He was on at 4PM
2023.07.17 [SF] EMAIl to Orman for Ombuds
2023.07.14 [SF] TELUS—SMAIL LTR—from Telus for Payment Overdue & Disconnection
2023.07.14 [SF] TELUS—PAGE—ology,land_telus
2023.07.14 [SF] TELUS—Letter to Telus CEO
2023.07.14 [SF] 9. EMAIL from Orman also Advised of TOLL FREE CHANGE and New Rule Applied
2023.07.14 [SF] 8. EMAIL—My Reply to Orman on First Resolution
2023.07.14 [SF] 7. Email to Orman for Further Escalation
2023.07.14 [SF] 6.1 TELUS—TOLL FREE NUMBER CHANGED & Special Rule Applied by Orman
2023.07.14 [SF] 6. EMAIL from orman on Findings
2023.07.14 [SF] 5.5 Reconcile and Timesheet and Update Webpage
2023.07.14 [SF] 5.4  Determine What Cased the Toll Free Issue.  Review Numbers Called
2023.07.14 [SF] 5.3 Confirm Manger at Wireline to Ensure they are Aware of Unique Escalation
2023.07.14 [SF] 5.2 Confirm if TOLL FREE issue is no longer an issue going Forward
2023.07.14 [SF] 5.1 Determine When TOLL FREE OVERAGE Fraud or Error Began and How
2023.07.14 [SF] 5. EMAIL from Orman on Statements
2023.07.14 [SF] 4. CONV—VoIP Danial and then Lead Orman 877-602-4878
2023.07.14 [SF] 3. CONV—Tony from Sales Team 888-883-8383 (ID210635)
2023.07.14 [SF] 2.  CONV—Call Again. Now with Albert of Wirelines CaseID 19065045
2023.07.14 [SF] 1.  CONV—TELUS 888 811 2500 with Alfonso Telus Reception. Call Lost
2023.07.14 [SF] 0. My Telus Screen Capture on What Consumer Sees
2023.07.11 [SF] TELUS—Online Submit for Escalation
2023.07.11 [SF] TELUS—My Telus Screen Recording on the Confusion
2023.07.09 [SF] TELUS—Telus Escalation via Online Form þ
2023.07.00 Outsource Site
2023.07.00 Collecting Archived Escalations
2023.03.11 [EQUIP] VOIP-Telus Business Connect Update and Fine Tuning with Mr1. Agora (The Hammer)
2023.03.11 [EQUIP] VOIP-Telus Business Connect Update and Fine Tuning with Mr. Agora (The Hammer)
2023.03.03 SF TELUS—lisseth_m Explains (First Sales)
2023.03.01 [41G] Spoke to Joyce Confirmation team 002
2023.03.01 [41G] Spoke to Joyce Confirmation team
2023.03.00 Telus Installation Files þ
2022.11.09 [SF] VOIP Requests to Management
2022.10.05 [SF] TELUS VOIP – Spoke with Dave the Manager from Canada
2022.09.09 [SF] VOIP—NOTES to Telus-ET1-VM • Case 16710979
2022.09.02 [SF] VoIP—Cheaper Pricing, Plan Review, Back Dating, Cancel Internet
2022.09.02 [SF] VoIP Telus—Update Company Address and Plan Such as Internet Usage
2022.09.02 [SF] Tune Archive Link of VoIP (Telus) in CLOUD-Dropbox New Upgrade
2022.04.04 [SF] TELUS-BUG—SMS Issue
2021.101.20 [EQUIP] TELUS—Telus VoIP Business Connect
2021.10.20 [EQUIP] TELUS—Telus VoIP Business Connect
2021.09.10 [SF] VoIP Telus Settings Update
2021.06.17 [EQUIP] Telus VoIP
2021.041.22 Telus Called
2021.04.23 [SF] TELUS-Escalation Form Submitted
2021.04.22 Telus VoIP (LINK)
2021.04.22 Telus Called
2020.12.18 [MONET[ Telus Bill 1,900 Review
2020.09.14 [SF] VOIP—Telus
2020.07.27 [SF] TELUS-CRTC-CCTS Complaint Submitted
2016.03.29 [SF ] TELUS—Phearya C, Customer Implementation Manager
2016.03.26 __Ali B__A voice from a small business in Vancouver
2016.03.23 SF TELUS—phearya_c @telus_com 30931212 VOIP
2016.03.23 __Ali B, Business Executive Escalations, Office of the CEO-A voice
2014.10.06 _TELUS_Sales_From_Tracy M
2014.07.24 _Email from Sales Tracy M. TELUS

Generated Questions from Diary Dates

Based on the conversations and issues with TELUS over the decade, especially from the most recent event, here are some questions derived:

  1. What is the difference between a robot call, spoof, and fraud in the context of TELUS?
  2. Why are robot calls and spoofing considered a “scam” and not “fraud” by TELUS?
  3. How does TELUS handle potential toll-fraud and invalid calls on Business Connect accounts?
  4. What steps are being taken by TELUS to mitigate toll-fraud and invalid calls from reoccurring on Business Connect accounts?
  5. Can toll-free services be completely removed from Business Connect accounts?
  6. Why do customers have to navigate a maze of agents and face indifferent customer service when dealing with TELUS issues?
  7. What measures is TELUS taking to improve the customer service experience and reduce the need for escalations?
  8. How can TELUS ensure that customers are not charged for unauthorized or erroneous services, even if they result from robot calls or spoofing?
  9. Is there a way to prevent robot calls and spoofing on TELUS services?
  10. How does TELUS handle billing discrepancies and ensure that customers are credited back for invalid calls or services they didn’t authorize?
  11. What is TELUS’s stance on outsourcing call centers to foreign countries, and how does it impact local communities and overseas workers?
  12. Can TELUS provide transparency in their call centers and offer a consistent customer service experience by enabling customers to speak with the same agent multiple times?
  13. How can TELUS address the issue of wrong sales orders and rescheduling to avoid inconvenience for customers?
  14. What are the plans for improving communication and coordination between different departments within TELUS to streamline customer issue resolution?
  15. Can TELUS provide more information about the measures taken to ensure data privacy and security when dealing with customer accounts?
  16. How can TELUS contribute to the local community and invest in programs that benefit children affected by the outsourcing of call centers?
  17. How does TELUS compare to other telecom companies in terms of customer service and pricing on a global scale?
  18. What are the main challenges TELUS faces in providing exceptional customer service, and what strategies are in place to address these challenges?
  19. How can TELUS ensure a better customer experience by integrating more advanced technologies into their customer service processes?
  20. How we know Amazon is the most “spoofed” victim, trying to “phish” unsuspecting small folks with smaller delivery and everyday problems. 

These questions cover a range of topics, from specific issues mentioned in the email (e.g., toll-fraud, customer service experience) to broader concerns about outsourcing and global impacts. 


  1. 在TELUS的背景下,機器人呼叫、欺騙和欺詐有什麼區別?
  2. 為什麼機器人呼叫和欺騙被TELUS視為「騙局」而不是「欺詐」?
  3. TELUS如何處理Business Connect帳戶上的潛在收費欺詐和無效呼叫?
  4. TELUS正在採取哪些措施來減少Business Connect帳戶上重複發生的收費欺詐和無效呼叫?
  5. 是否可以從 Business Connect 帳戶中完全刪除免費服務?
  6. 為什麼客戶在處理TELUS問題時必須駕馭迷宮般的座席並面對冷漠的客戶服務?
  7. TELUS採取了哪些措施來改善客戶服務體驗並減少升級需求?
  8. TELUS如何確保客戶不會因未經授權或錯誤的服務而付費,即使這些服務是由機器人呼叫或欺騙造成的?
  9. 有沒有辦法防止機器人呼叫和欺騙TELUS服務?
  10. TELUS如何處理計費差異,並確保客戶因未授權的無效呼叫或服務而獲得退款?
  11. TELUS對將呼叫中心外包給國外的立場是什麼,它如何影響當地社區和海外工人?
  12. TELUS能否通過使客戶能夠多次與同一座席通話來提供其呼叫中心的透明度並提供一致的客戶服務體驗?
  13. TELUS如何解決錯誤的銷售訂單和重新安排訂單的問題,以避免給客戶帶來不便?
  14. 為簡化客戶問題解決,TELUS內部不同部門之間的溝通和協調有何計劃?
  15. TELUS能否提供更多資料,說明在處理客戶帳戶時為確保數據隱私和安全而採取的措施?
  16. TELUS如何為當地社區做出貢獻,並投資於使受呼叫中心外包影響的兒童受益的專案?
  17. TELUS在全球客戶服務和定價方面與其他電信公司相比如何?
  18. TELUS在提供卓越的客戶服務方面面臨的主要挑戰是什麼,以及有哪些策略來應對這些挑戰?
  19. TELUS如何通過將更先進的技術集成到其客戶服務流程中來確保更好的客戶體驗?
  20. 我們如何知道亞馬遜是最“欺騙”的受害者,試圖“網络釣魚”毫無戒心的小傢伙,他們的交付量較小,日常問題較少。
  21. 這些問題涵蓋了一系列主題,從電子郵件中提到的具體問題(例如,收費欺詐,客戶服務體驗)到對外包和全球影響的更廣泛關注。
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