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Perfect! You’ve got your Selfology voucher. Here’s how to book your appointment:

  1. Send us your preferred time using AR (Appointment Requests) via the booking bar below.

  2. We’ll provide options (TB – Tentative Bookings): Check your email and reply to the one that best suits your schedule.

  3. Receive Your Confirmed Booking: We’ll email you a final confirmation to secure your appointment!

For any help, reach out to We’re always here to assist you!

太棒了!您已經獲得了 Selfology 的首次優惠券。以下是如何預約您的 AR(預約請求): 

1. 請在下方預訂欄選擇您的 AR( Appointment Request- 預約請求),告知我們您想預約的日期和時間。 

2. 我們將提供 TB((Tentative Booking – 暫定預訂 ) 選項:請查看您的電子郵件,回覆最符合您日程的選項。 

3. 確認您的預訂(Confirmed Booking):我們將發送最終確認電子郵件以確定您的預訂! 

需要進一步說明嗎?請隨時聯繫,或致電 / 簡訊 604.733.7776 


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selfology | Granville & 41St

Selfology Reservation

Please visit this page for our letter to all Good Spirits,


selfology® 自我生態® 

Granville & 41th  

5701 Granville St., Unit 228  

Vancouver BC V6M 4J7

Mon to Sat 10 to 7  

SMS to SR, Selfology Reception

Welcome to SELFOLOGY 41STGRANVILLE: A Haven of Hope and Love

Nestled in the Park Square building at 41st & Granville, our cozy retreat awaits you. Experience the warmth and positivity we offer at SELFOLOGY.

Enjoy ample free parking nearby, and take advantage of our reserved spots 16 and 17 inside the building from 8 am to 6 pm daily.

When reserving your Selfology experience, you’ll have the opportunity to request a reserved parking spot. Please remember that all parking requests require final confirmation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our sanctuary of serenity.


Discover the best ways to park and explore the neighborhood around your Selfology location by visiting the Parking & Local Guides page. 

Join us at Selfology 41STGRANVILLE, where hope and love shine from our peaceful retreat in the Park Square building.

Plenty of free parking in the area, or use our own reserved inside parking spots 16 & 17, daily from 8 am to 6 pm.  

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團 溫哥華小團團 Tuan Tuan


About Selfology

Step into our Granville & 41st sanctuary, where a world of self-care awaits. Our loving Selfology family eagerly anticipates your arrival, promising a journey of serenity and growth.

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Reach by Hand Heal by Heart
Evolving the Way with Ways.