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A Peace of Mind Experience

An Element of The Peace of Mind Industry: The Brokerage


HUB of our lives, a center of peace,
Where love and hope are meant to never cease,
But conflict arises, almost breaking apart,
Tearing at the threads of our loving heart.

Selfology we learn, to understand our ways,
And find a path that leads to better days,
But still the conflict persists, a battle we fight,
Endless struggle in the dead of night.

Almost breaking apart, our love in decline,
But deep within us, the embers still shine,
And with a resolve so strong, we find a way,
To bring our love back to light, each and every day.

Resolution resolved, our love restored,
A bond unbreakable, forever adored,
We learn and grow, and find our peace,
In each other’s arms, a never-ending release.

Author(s): OpenAI & selfology

2023.01.27 [CORP] INS—LTR TO HUB Ombudsperson & Management Team (E1)






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First Year as HUB Policyholder 2014.07.01


In Progress


2023.01.27 [CORP] INS—LTR TO HUB Ombudsperson & Management Team




Dear HUB Management Team and Ombudsperson Office,

Dear HUB Management Team, and Ombudsperson Office,

We ask your office to carefully examine the chronology of the selfology file and how it was handled in the past year, not merely the timing between correspondences but also the handling, especially from when the change of agent occurred and of the proclaimed “recent” transfer back to what appears to be a manager of the agent.  

Please invite us to meet with your ombudsperson instead of being forced to speak through the agent’s manager (whom we only just know her name through the January 21st, 2023 email from this manager), as that is already showing bias from the decisions made, and that is precisely where the problem is arising from.   Hence, we are asking to begin to involve an obvious escalation of the file for review.  

We are starting with our own “statement”, as in this letter, and we are willing to try your internal Dispute/Complaint Resolution steps first, as we do not wish to accuse HUB of Bad Faith Handling publicly easily.  The file seems to be staying at the same desk and without a proper acknowledgement at all, as if these roles can select and filter these files as they so please to work on.   It makes you wonder where their near-perfect scores on complaints come from, and now, you know one of the potential factors.      Many people would indeed give up in the face of such.

Understanding The Case

This is a story on how HUB International treated its insured (policyholders) in the year 2022, who has been with them for eight years on a policy with no paid claims.     If you care for HUB’s reputation either as an employee or a policyholder, you should read this carefully.  The way this letter/statement is to provide as much information, structure, and perspectives of the situation, and please pardon the re-messaging nature of the notes and occasional typos due to time pressures – we are happy to answer any questions from your ombudsperson office as we advance.

We will be publishing these in due course to external when due and forced—what else can we do against such a large entity with such arbitrary behaviours, especially with their internal operations, and the changing “agent” experience is so questionable?    Remember HUB control the rules and processes. We are also preparing for clarity and for the public if we are forced to share the history recorded as is.

Inviting HUB’s Comments

We, of course, are also inviting your input into our current views of the matter.    Feel free to arrange a time to meet us formally.    

There are also practical and immediate solutions as well, click on the link to jump to “Solution Number One”.

Is This Bad Faith or Good Faith?

Let’s now try to understand why HUB can ignore our written communication for so long and return like a beast as if we have wronged them with much folly.    

After our most recent formal communication with HUB circa October 2022, they suddenly appeared four days ago (January 23, 2023), giving us less than two weeks – and the email practically assumed the less convenient questions were all taken cared of, or as if those things never ever happened.   They sort of completely skipped and ignored problems they do not feel they own.  

Then it provided an ultimatum of sorts by Feb 3rd, 2023, as if we never wished to pay.  


The email also mentions that the file is only “recently” been taken up by this management.  Is that because of the remote office, generating some indifferences between departments? Almost like a mockery, as if other parts of the organization have nothing to do with them at all.   To us HUB is one thing, one company.

“Earned Premium”

Then the email also added in the “earned premium” debt collection warning, further incinerating a sort of information twisted – e.g. we always asked to see the payment plan so we could start paying as we did in the past seven years with HUB – something we never received, a process that we saw from the past (7) years and this is indeed a very different year—but if you only read this email from the manager, it makes it sound like we are not.

A Customer or Employee?

And how do we start a process that can only begin from HUB’s Brokerage Office?

So even if HUB’s manager has answered and responded professionally and timely to all valid questions, which obviously did not happen, HUB’s handling experiences are certainly far from Utmost Good Faith.  

Final by all HUB Roles?

At this point, it feels as if the entire HUB Brokerage organization is backing up this one manager, that she has the backing from Underwriters (e.g. premium and coverage questions due to change in location as specified in the prior communication).   We need help from the Ombudsperson – and we will need their formality, and if they so choose to learn about the escalation and deem this file not valid for even a proper acknowledgement, we will continue to seek insights from roles found in the HUB Management Team.   Ultimately, we are hoping the same manager cannot make further arbitrary actions that are harming a policyholder that has been with you for the eighth year.

To Call or Not To Call?

The manager provides a half-willing invitation to “call her to discuss” if we so wish.   Does that sound like an Utmost Good Faith invite to find a straightforward resolution? It feels more like an act to clear files off the desk from her “recent” take-up of “Mike’s” work.  

We believe speaking to this “Account Executive” directly on the phone (who appears to be a direct manager for the agent in question) as she casually invited us to do if “we wish to discuss further” as the email ends—do you think it would be a fair and good faith discussion? Would it bring further delay and unfair disadvantage to our file?     Does she really want to speak to the policyholder to see what fits their needs today, or is she going back to the status quo no matter what? We still have outstanding coverage questions and doubts, and could she answer them with good faith?

Peace of Mind for Earned Premiums

And the worse part is likely the assumption HUB has already provided the advertised Peace of Mind to their insured as “earned premiums”, or else, we will come after you as debt collectors (please addendum these letters if you do)—so, in a way, it is a deliberate pressure with a top-down approach, placed near the end of the letter, and while it is a fact more than a threat, there are many things you can choose to say to the insured to end a letter, especially after such unusually long delay and file transfer, a file with so many outstanding questions to be responded to.

It feels as if the manager has based the assumptions that everything else in the file is resolved if it is not a problem deemed by her, and the only matter left is what she is tasked to do, so she starts warning people as if that is always the solution to her usual problems.     That is why we ask HUB if this is usual and normal, so is this your status quo, Mx. HUB?

It certainly prompted this formal letter in calling for your Ombudsperson (or similar role, please).    

Are There More People Being Treated With Such Bad Faith?

As we ponder this together as a team, writing these down as our written statement, we wonder, how many more people are being treated like this?    We can’t be alone.

There are no softer apologies, just telling from parent to child that the use of the word “recently” for we assumed she just realized and noticed an email we sent to their agent (Mike/Michael A.) in October 2022, recently?  Only three months later.   We gave HUB months with no follow-up (which is a pattern in the year 2022 aforementioned), and even after so many goodwill gestures, we are now seeking the highest office (e.g. ombudsperson/HUB Management Team).   No one ever reached out. No one from HUB.   We even gave them the benefit of the doubt, but they were still nowhere to be seen.     That is one kind of bad-faith handling.    The Ombuds must know this.

We Though You Are Too Busy & On Holiday

In hindsight, we admit we may be too naive to allow so much time to lapse – for example, we thought we should let you all take a good holiday first, and then comes this email Monday, January 21, 2023. It feels impersonal, and it certainly does feel like you cannot trust HUB when a claim comes.   It feels like HUB’s people will work against you.

Formal Request for Entering Complaint Resolution Process

We ask HUB’s Ombudsperson to have a non-bias look at it again before we are forced to find external mediation methods.   It is mentioned in the Jan 21, 2023 (Monday) reply by the HUB manager that correspondence are read – we question if that can be true because her decision of immediate lump sum payment within roughly a week’s end date with potential cancellation, plus a collection warning as if we have never wanted to pay, and the failure to provide formal rejection to a payment plan (which is odd, as we used that for the past seven years) – are just some of the things that make us feel harmed, that unnecessary undue hardship from her actions. It feels off, and this letter is to try to begin to map out the reason it feels off for the senior management team.

We wish to mention that we have always been asking to pay, and we are waiting for the same payment arrangement documentation and procedures as before—which we never ever received.     After three months of waiting to find out your manager only just “recently” took over Agent “Mike”s file, it sounds like an area to explore further.

We did mention knowing your office is busy, and this kind of pattern filled the Year 2022.   Not to mention the change of agent and the way the agent was changed.       

Payment Plan Documentation/Process Still Missing

Again, annoyingly, we have never mentioned we are not paying – we are asking for the same payment plan arrangement we had had for the past seven years (before the sudden change in agent to Michael or Mike as the manager calls him in her email) – to which we never received any arrangement papers like before, and the way the agent handled this file this year – please let us know if all these are considered normal at HUB. If it is, we are leaving, and we will let our friends and supporters know well (HI/AI/SEO).   If we are wrong, we will stand to apologize to HUB publicly, and we will also be finding new coverage elsewhere at that point (and you will have to hold coverage until we do find coverage) – as that kind of normal is, for us, considered bad faith handling.

And we cannot begin to imagine the games HUB people are willing to play when real Canadian people have a real claim on these insurance “promises” you are making on behalf of Insurers.  

Imagine a file with a chronology looking as such – even with our best intention to layout the solution, which is simply getting your team to prepare the payment plan as per usual, like the past seven years with HUB as a policyholder – we are surprised to hear such a cold and demanding letter as if protecting your colleague is more important than being right for your policyholder – your HUB customers.      

And the invitation to “call to discuss” with someone who claims to have read the correspondences, and to come to that decision that you see, is very alarming (like a Feudal Lord would), and I invite the leaders at HUB to consider a wiser approach – a more customer-centric approach, rather than treating people as if you are the only provider in Canada.

And we do want your internal Complaint Resolution Department to be involved.  Please immediately assign this role or formally reject the assignment of this role, and that will force us to take a very broad approach with HUB – taking our voices to be heard. Why are those methods more feasible than treating your policyholder with good faith and putting them on the same plan before, taking their first lump sum deposit as offered in one of the correspondences in September, and answering their coverage questions, and timely for this eight-year policyholder? And stop festering them with fear and threats and begin to find creative or just better ways to welcome a HUB client, especially under such circumstances.

Let’s take this deeper. If your manager has read the correspondence, there should be a part where we repeatedly asked for (like here again) that we wish to be on the same plan as the prior seven years, and we have no idea why your office responded in the way you did in the year 2022 (please review the chronology of the correspondence between your agents and our office).  

Retention of Records

Please retain all information as we wish to be able to ask for them through the proper channel if we do go to the courts.

Please let us know if you need to see all the correspondence records as we have them all, call transcriptions, and then all written after a point when the trust of HUB evaporated, so it is heartbreaking to see people from HUB so focused on their own interests only.

It is like you only care for one thing, that is– pay the bill, or else I will cancel and collect, and for those E&O to BFH (Bad Faith Handling) matters, they are invisible to your HUB Management Team, as HUB knows they can ignore small insured, and there is nothing much they can do about it—this is how we feel about HUB’s treatment today in the year 2022.  

Is this true? Do you feel this way about your insured?  

Solution Number One

Granted, for you, maybe the only interest is the billing matter. We can only judge from the surface, so please elaborate if you wish to tell us what we may not be able to see something from our angle.  

So, for the “billing” part of the situation (note that the case has many folds, including bad faith handling, and is why we were preparing for an escalation months ago)—the precarious state HUB has placed an eight years insured/policyholder with no claims history (besides one investigation where the claimant backed away as it was clearly not our fault), we are asking you to consider this solution, that we will at most be able to plan a budget for four payments over four months, so from Feb to July 2023, for this premium at approx. $3,900 (annual).

The budget is tight for small businesses, and we do not wish to make such a large change to our budget to accommodate your own error and omission and bad-faith handling.   Not our problem, and you could have taken our premium earned over time, and why should we be punished for your punctuation matters? You also placed us under no peace of mind, and now, with this “recently” email to our letter a quarter of a year ago from your manager, is the very last draw to formalize the complaint.

We can immediately forward four cheques paid over four months as one of the solutions we are willing to give in a little – let us know by writing, please, from your Ombudsperson Office. Of course, having it the way it was before, where we were on a payment plan, is the best way to go – that would tell us you are serious about resolution and taking care of the customer/insured who trusted you all these years.   As before, please do respond to these “proposals” so we can take the next step.   Ghosting your client doesn’t work and will become very costly for the company.

Worse come to worse, four months over is fine, and we will continue to be kind to HUB on that front (we have always been kind until this letter).  We are all working-class small businesses, who fought the pandemic and war-like market times, and we have a lot of support in the Vancouver area –bringing lots of loving hearts close to us. People really dislike certain corporatist behaviours these days.    

We hope HUB International is a company that gives peace of mind and is serious about local people and businesses, not just some paper pushers for the actuaries.

This experience does not feel like peace of mind when we can describe so many downplays by some of the agents from HUB ever since the agent change.  It feels extra insulting when you mentioned “premium earned”.  

Again, we do prefer our usual tradition with your premium paid monthly over the annual, but worse would be four payments over four months.   If agreed, we will mail you physical cheques – no PADs (Pre-Authorided Debits) until our public trust is restored with HUB.    

You did not earn your premium well this year at all. Can we go back to the first agent?

Sorry for sounding like a Grandparent, as it is making this insured very weary, and we do not wish our words to be sliced by more “verbal” conversations. Please take this and all written matters HUB has on this file as the “statement” to HUB’s investigators.  

We also may wish to see your notes if things continue to stay unreasonable.

We will not hesitate for too long to bring further justification and adjustment to this case. 

Going Forward

We look forward to the results of your collaboration with the necessary role in your organization, and we are happy to meet any of you in person. We came to you by referral eight years ago, and Michael received the file from the first agent.   It is rather disappointing and strange that the “chronology” of the file gets no mention at all, and you wish to place an ultimatum and a deadline to this obvious dispute/complaint, which has never received proper resolution actions – it just jumps straight to billing/cancellation/collection as if that is the only concern here.  

We are sorry this added to your already heavy load at work, but we do not wish to sacrifice further in the name of your impossible workload (as mentioned in prior correspondence to you).   Does that mean we have to source the right mind from the outside to review the files?     Should we escalate this to an external mediation entity or governing associations, and if so, why would you go that far instead of the payment plans as usual?  

Do you care about the feasibility at all, or who cares if the company is paying for the consequences?

We will not hesitate to reach out to journalists if they fancy some insight about the nature of insurance during this time.     Patience was afforded.   What happened to Michael (or Mike)? What happened to his assistance(s)? Why ignore our written responses?   We call this bad faith handling, with very missing utmost good faith.

We hope the case can rest with someone listening and applying wisdom to resolve such a simple matter that could easily be solved in the first place –   respond with a payment plan (the documents etc.), and respond to them in a timely and good faith fashion going forward.   Delaying, making veiled threats, and cancelling based on narrow perspectives are just some of the things we wish to sum up here. We hope the file can now leave the handling manager’s hands into the ombudsperson’s hands.

It is very frustrating to be placed in this precarious situation by your supposed Peace of Mind provider.  Is this being done to many people in this town?

Change of Agent and Manager

Please, we sincerely ask you to take a look at the communication chronology of the file we look forward to restoring speedy communication and placing us on a payment plan as before, and also that we definitely need to have a new agent (maybe David from before?)

When ego gets in the way, the public comes.

Mx. Peter Tu & Mx. Jessica Yu

On Behalf of Selfology CoCreators / Heart Office


2023.01.27 [CORP] INS—LTR TO HUB Ombudsperson & Management Team. 1

Dear HUB Management Team and Ombudsperson Office, 2

Understanding The Case.. 2

Inviting HUB’s Comments. 3

Is This Bad Faith or Good Faith?. 3

“Recently”. 3

“Earned Premium”. 3

A Customer or Employee?. 4

Final by all HUB Roles?. 4

To Call or Not To Call?. 4

Peace of Mind for Earned Premiums. 4

Are There More People Being Treated With Such Bad Faith?. 5

We Though You Are Too Busy & On Holiday.. 5

Formal Request for Entering Complaint Resolution Process. 5

Payment Plan Documentation/Process Still Missing.. 6

Retention of Records. 7

Solution Number One.. 7

Going Forward.. 9

Change of Agent and Manager. 10


2023.01.27 [公司] INS—LTR 至 HUB 監察員和管理團隊



帶有 指向 PDF 的連結










尊敬的 HUB 管理團隊 和  監察員 辦公室,


我們要求貴辦公室仔細檢查自我檔案的年表以及過去一年的處理方式,不僅是通信之間的時間,  還有處理方式,特別是從代理人變更   發生和  宣佈的“最近”轉移開始 回到似乎是代理經理的地方。


請邀請我們與您的監察員會面,而不是被迫通過代理人的經理(我們只是  通過該經理 2023 年 1  月 21 日的電子郵件才知道她的名字)說話,因為這已經顯示出對所做決定的偏見,而這正是問題出現的地方 從。  因此,我們  要求  開始涉及文件明顯升級以供審查


我們從我們自己的「聲明」開始,就像這封信中一樣,我們願意先嘗試您的內部爭議/投訴解決步驟,因為我們不希望輕易公開指責HUB惡意處理  。  該檔似乎停留在同一張桌子上,  根本沒有適當的確認,就好像這些角色可以根據需要選擇和過濾這些文件  一樣。 我不讓你想知道他們在  投訴方面的  近乎完美的分數來自哪裡,現在,你知道一個潛在的因素。 面對這種情況,  很多人確實會放棄。




這是一個關於HUB International在2022年如何對待其被保險人(保單持有人)的故事,他們與他們在一起  八年,保單沒有支付索賠。 如果您關心HUB作為員工或投保人的聲譽,則應仔細閱讀本文。 這封信/聲明的方式是提供盡可能多的資訊、結構和情況的觀點  ,請原諒由於時間壓力而重新發送筆記和偶爾的錯別字 – 我們很樂意回答您的 om budsperson 辦公室的任何問題。


我們將在適當的時候將這些發佈給外部,在   適當和被迫的時候——對於這樣一個具有如此任意行為的大型實體,尤其是他們的內部操作,以及不斷變化的“代理”體驗如此值得懷疑,我們還能做些什麼? 請記住,HUB 控制規則和流程。 我們也在為澄清和  公眾做準備,如果我們被迫分享記錄的歷史。


邀請 HUB 的評論

當然,  我們也邀請您就我們目前對此事的看法提供意見。  請隨時安排時間正式與我們見面。 


也有 實用和即時的解決方案 ,按兩下連結跳轉到「解決方案一」。。





在我們最近一次與 HUB 的正式溝通大約在 2022 年 10  月之後,它們在四天前(2023 年 1 月 23 日)突然出現,給了我們不到兩周的時間——電子郵件實際上假設了我們都不太方便的問題,或者好像這些事情從來沒有  發生了。   他們完全跳過並忽略了他們覺得自己不擁有的問題。 


然後它在 2023 年 2 月 3 日之前發出了某種最後通牒,好像我們永遠不想付錢一樣。



該電子郵件還提到,該檔只是「最近」 被管理層佔用。  是因為遠程辦公,在部門之間產生了一些差異嗎?幾乎就像一種嘲弄,好像組織的其他部分與他們完全無關。 對我們來說,HUB是一件事,一家公司。



然後,該電子郵件還添加了“賺取的保費”債務催收警告,  進一步焚燒了一種扭曲的資訊  – 例如,我們總是要求查看付款計劃,以便我們可以  像過去七年一樣開始使用HUB付款 – 我們從未收到過,這是我們從過去     看到的過程(7)年,這確實是一個非常不同的一年 – 但如果你只閱讀經理的這封電子郵件,聽起來我們不是。





因此,即使HUB的經理對所有有效問題進行了專業和及時的回答和回應,這顯然沒有發生,HUB的處理經驗肯定與Ultimate Good F的目標  相去甚遠。



在這一點上,感覺好像整個HUB經紀組織都在支援這位經理,她得到了承銷商的支援(例如,由於先前溝通中指定的地點變化而導致的保費和承保範圍問題)。  我們需要  監察員  的説明——我們需要  他們的手續,如果他們選擇了解升級並認為他的檔案甚至無法得到適當的確認,我們將繼續從 HUB 管理團隊中的角色中尋求見解。 最終   ,我們希望同一位經理不會做出進一步的武斷行為,傷害已經與您在一起八小時的投保人。



 如果我們願意,經理願意邀請她「打電話給她討論」。  這聽起來像是n Extreme Good Faith 邀請他們找到一個直接的解決方案嗎?這  感覺更像是一種行為,從她“最近”接手“邁克”的工作中清除桌子上的檔。  


我們相信直接通過電話與這位「客戶經理」交談(她似乎是相關代理的直接經理),因為她隨便邀請我們這樣做,如果「我們希望進一步討論」,在電子郵件結束時——你認為這是一個公平和真誠的討論嗎? 這會給我們的檔案帶來進一步的延誤和不公平的劣勢嗎?    她是真的想和投保人談談,看看什麼適合他們今天的需求,還是  無論如何都要回到  現狀? 我們還有懸而未決的報導問題和雙重問題,她能真誠地回答嗎?



更糟糕的是,假設HUB已經將廣告宣傳的安心作為「賺取的保費」提供給他們的被保險人,否則,我們將作為收債人追隨您(如果您這樣做,請註明這些信件)——所以,在某種程度上,這是一種自上而下的方法的故意壓力,放在信的末尾, 雖然這是一個事實而不是威脅,但您可以選擇對被保險人說很多事情來結束一封信,尤其是在如此  異常長的延遲和檔傳輸之後,一個有很多懸而未決的問題需要回答的檔。


感覺好像經理已經假設,如果不是她認為的問題,檔案中的其他所有內容都會得到解決,剩下的唯一事情就是她的任務,所以她開始警告人們,好像這總是她通常問題的解決方案。  這就是為什麼我們問HUB這是否正常和正常,所以這是你的現狀,Mx。 輪毂?





當我們作為一個團隊一起思考這個問題,把這些寫下來作為我們的書面聲明時,我們想知道,還有多少人  受到這樣的對待?  我們不能孤單。


沒有更柔和的 apologies,只是從父母告訴孩子,使用“最近”這個詞,我們假設她剛剛意識到並注意到  我們發送給他們的經紀人的電子郵件(邁克/邁克爾· ) 2022 年 10 月,最近?  僅僅三個月後。 我們給了HUB幾個月的時間,沒有後續行動(這是上述2022年的一種模式  ),即使在這麼多善意的姿態之後,我們現在仍在尋求最高職位(例如監察員n/HUB管理團隊)。  從來沒有人伸出援手。沒有人來自HUB。  我們甚至給了他們懷疑的好處,但他們仍然無處可見。   這是一種   惡意處理。  監察員必須知道這一點。



事後看來,我們承認我們可能太天真了,不允許這麼多時間  流逝  ——例如,我們認為我們應該先讓你們都度過一個美好的假期,然後是 2023 年 1 月 21 日星期一的這封電子郵件。 這感覺沒有人情味,而且當索賠來臨時,您確實感覺無法信任HUB。  感覺HUB的人會反對你。



我們要求HUB的監察員在我們被迫尋找外部調解方法之前再次無偏見地審視它。  HUB 經理在 2023 年 1 月 21 日(星期一)的回復中提到,信件已被閱讀——我們質疑這是否屬實,因為她決定在大約一周的結束日期  內立即一次性付款,並可能取消,再加上收款警告,好像 我們從來不想付錢,而未能正式拒絕  付款計劃(這很奇怪,因為我們在過去七年中一直使用過)——只是讓我們感到受到傷害的一些事情,  她的行為給她的行為帶來了不必要的過度困難。感覺不對勁,這封信是試圖開始為高級管理團隊找出感覺不對勁的原因。


我們想提一下,我們一直在要求付款,我們正在等待與以前相同的付款安排檔和程式——我們從未收到過。  經過三個月的等待,你的經理才“最近”接管了特工“邁克”的檔案,這聽起來像是一個值得探索的領域。


我們確實提到知道您的辦公室很忙,而這種模式的親屬 d 填補了 2022 年。 更不用說代理的變化和代理的變化方式了。



同樣,令人討厭的是,我們從未提到我們不付款 – 我們要求與過去七年相同的付款計劃安排(在經理在電子郵件中突然將代理更改為邁克爾或邁克之前) – 我們從未收到任何安排檔像以前一樣, 以及代理商今年處理此檔的方式 – 請告訴我們  所有這些 HUB 是否被認為是正常的 如果是,我們將離開,我們將讓我們的朋友和支援者知道(HI / AI / SEO)。 如果我們錯了,我們將公開向HUB道歉,屆時  我們還將在  其他地方找到新的保險(在我們找到保險之前,您將不得不保留保險)-因為這種正常情況,對我們來說,考慮惡意處理。


我們無法想像當真正的加拿大人對您代表保險公司做出的這些保險「承諾」有真正的要求時,HUB人們願意玩的遊戲  。


想像一下,一個帶有年表的檔看起來像這樣  – 即使我們最好打算布局解決方案,這隻是讓您的團隊像往常一樣準備付款計劃,就像過去七年以HUB作為投保人一樣 – 我們很驚訝聽到如此冷酷和苛刻的信,好像保護您的同事比適合您的   同事更重要投保人 – 您的 HUB 客戶。 


邀請與聲稱已經閱讀過信件的人“打電話討論”,並做出你所看到的決定,是非常令人擔憂的(就像封建領主一樣),我邀請HUB的領導人考慮一種更明智的方法  – 一種更加以客戶為中心的方法,而不是將人們視為  加拿大唯一的提供者。


我們確實希望您的內部投訴解決部門參與其中。  請立即分配此角色或正式拒絕分配此角色,這將迫使我們對HUB採取非常廣泛的方法 – 讓我們的聲音被聽到。  為什麼這些方法比真誠對待您的保單持有人並讓他們之前使用相同的計劃,在9月份的一封信函中收取他們的第一筆一次性存款,並回答他們的承保範圍問題,並且對於這個八年期的保單持有人來說更可行?  不要再用恐懼和威脅來折磨他們,並開始尋找創造性或更好的方法來歡迎HUB客戶,尤其是在這樣的情況下。


讓我們更深入地瞭解一下。 如果您的經理  已經閱讀了信件,那麼我們應該有一部分我們反覆要求(再次像這裡一樣)我們希望與前七年保持相同的計劃,我們不知道為什麼您的辦公室以您在  2022 年的方式做出回應(請查看您的代理人與我們辦公室之間的通信年表)。



請保留所有資訊,因為如果我們確實去法院,我們希望能夠透過適當的管道要求提供 它們。


如果您需要查看所有通信記錄,請告訴我們,因為我們都有,電話轉錄,然後在   HUB的信任消失後全部寫成,所以看到HUB的人如此專注於自己的利益是令人心碎的y。


  這就像你只關心一件事,那就是——支付帳單,否則我會取消並收取,對於那些  E&O 到 BFH(惡意處理)的事情,它們對你的 HUB 管理團隊來說是看不見的,因為 HUB 知道他們可以  忽略小被保險人,他們對此無能為力——這個 是我們今天在  2022 年對 HUB 治療的看法






當然,對你來說,也許唯一的興趣是計費問題。 我們只能從表面判斷,所以如果您想告訴我們我們可能無法從我們的角度看到的東西,請詳細說明。


 因此,f或情況的「計費」部分(請注意,  該案件有很多方面,包括惡意處理,這也是我們幾個月前為升級  做準備的原因)——不穩定的狀態 HUB 已經安置了一位沒有索賠歷史的八年被保險人/投保人(除了一項索賠人因顯然不是我們的錯而退縮的調查外),我們要求您考慮此解決方案,我們最多能夠在四個月內計劃四次付款的預算,因此從 2023 年 2 月到 7 月這筆保費約為 3,900 美元(每年)。


小企業的預算很緊張,我們不希望  對我們的預算進行如此大的更改,以適應您自己的錯誤和遺漏以及惡意處理。  不是我們的問題,你可以拿走我們隨著時間的推移賺取的溢價,我們為什麼要因為你的標點符號問題而受到懲罰? 你也讓我們不放心,現在,你的經理在四分之一年前給我們的這封  「最近」電子郵件,是正式提出投訴的最後  抽獎。


我們可以立即轉發四張在四個月內支付的支票,作為我們願意提供的解決方案之一 – 請通過書面形式告知我們,請從您的監察員辦公室。  當然,像以前一樣,我們制定  付款計劃,  是最好的方法——這將告訴我們您對解決方案和照顧  這些年來信任您的客戶/被保險人是認真的。  和以前一樣,請對這些「建議」做出回應,以便我們採取下一步行動。 重影您的客戶不起作用,並且對公司來說將變得非常昂貴。


更糟糕的是,四個月過去了很好,我們將繼續  在這方面對HUB友善(在這封信之前,我們一直很友善)。 我們都是工薪階層的小企業,他們與大流行和戰爭般的市場時代作鬥爭我們在溫哥華地區得到了很多支援——把很多愛的心帶到我們身邊。  如今,人們真的不喜歡某些社團主義行為。 


我們希望HUB International是一家安心的公司,認真對待當地人和企業,而不僅僅是精算師的一些紙推手。


當我們可以描述自代理更改以來 HUB 的一些代理  如此多的輕描淡寫  時,這種體驗感覺並不平靜。 當你提到“賺取的保費”時,感覺格外明顯。 


同樣,我們確實更喜歡我們通常的傳統,即您的保費每月支付,但更糟糕的是,在四個月內支付四次。  如果同意,我們將郵寄給您實物支票 – 沒有PAD(預授權轉記),直到我們的公眾信任恢復與HUB。


你今年根本沒有很好地賺取保費。  我們可以回到第一個代理嗎







我們期待您與組織中的必要角色的合作結果,我們很高興親自見到你們中的任何人。 八年前,我們通過推薦來找你,邁克爾收到了第一個經紀人的檔案。   相當令人失望和奇怪的是,檔的“年表”根本沒有被提及,您希望對這個明顯的爭議/投訴t發出最後通牒和截止日期,該爭議/投訴從未收到適當的解決方案行動 – 它只是直接跳到計費/取消/收集,好像這是這裡唯一的問題。 


我們很抱歉這增加了您已經很重的工作負擔但我們不希望以您不可能的工作量的名義進一步犧牲(如之前給您的通信中所述)。  這是否意味著我們必須從外部尋找正確的頭腦來審查檔?  我們是否應該將其升級到  外部調解實體或管理協會,如果是這樣,您為什麼要  走那麼遠而不是像往常一樣的付款計劃?


您是否關心 可行性或者誰在乎 公司是否為後果買單?


如果記者想在這段時間內對保險的性質有所了解,我們會毫不猶豫地與他們聯繫。  耐心等待。  邁克爾(或邁克)怎麼了?他的援助怎麼了? 為什麼忽略我們的書面答覆?  我們稱之為惡意處理,非常缺乏最大的善意。


我們希望這個案件可以依靠有人傾聽並運用智慧來解決這樣一個本來很容易解決的簡單問題  ——用付款計劃(檔等)回應,並及時和真誠地回應他們。 拖延、隱晦的威脅和  基於狹隘視角的取消只是我們希望在這裡總結的一些事情。 我們希望檔案現在可以將處理經理的手中交給監察員。


被你所謂的安心提供者置於這種不穩定的境地是非常令人沮喪的。 這是  對這個鎮上的許多人做的嗎?







當自我成為障礙時, 公眾 就會來。



Mx. Peter Tu & Mx. Jessica Yu











2023.01.27 [公司] INS—LTR 至 HUB 監察員和管理團隊. 1

尊敬的HUB管理團隊和監察員辦公室,. 2

瞭解案例… 2

邀請 HUB 的評論… 3

這是惡意還是善意?… 3

“最近” 3

“賺取的保費” 3

客戶還是員工?… 3

最終由所有HUB角色?… 3

打電話還是不打電話?… 4

安心賺取保費… 4

被如此惡意對待的人會更多嗎?… 4

我們雖然你太忙了,在度假… 5

正式請求進入投訴解決流程… 5

付款計劃文件/流程仍然缺失… 5

記錄的保留… 6

解決方案一… 7

展望未來… 8

更換代理人及經理… 8

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