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≡ Who Owns The Land?

Farming On Our Land

(aka Discern the Good and Bad Lords of Our Land)

Φ 辨別好與壞的領主

Table of Contents


Jon Stovell, president and CEO of Reliance Properties sold the company’s Burns Block building in April to the B.C. government for $10.9 million. File photo Dan Toulgoet

Source ≡ Investigation: Who owns Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside? – Vancouver Is Awesome

“It ended up that our tenants could not even go in and out their front door,” he said, noting police advised residents to enter their homes via the alley. Tenants were assaulted, spat on and had to be careful of feces and needles near the building’s entrances, said Stovell, who was disappointed in the response from police and city hall.


“The police wouldn’t do anything, the city manager wouldn’t do anything and the head of engineering wouldn’t do anything,” he said. “Eventually, we realized it was an unsustainable situation.”

The company reached out to B.C. Housing, knowing it was in search of more properties in the area. The result is 30 studio units will now go to women committed to reducing or stopping substance use.

The beer tasting room will be converted to an on-site outreach program operated by Atira Women’s Resource Society, which will also manage the building.

Stovell suggested the $10.9 million B.C. Housing paid for the Burns Block could have been better spent on developing or helping acquire a greater number of social housing units outside the Downtown Eastside.

“The province paid about $1,350 a square foot for those units, which is more than a Coal Harbour condo,” he said.

While B.C. Housing got to fulfill its mandate of providing housing for low-income vulnerable people, Stovell was disappointed his building wasn’t embraced and promoted as an example of positive change for the neighbourhood.

“You’re taking entry-level market housing and turning it back into social housing — that’s not progress,” said Stovell, whose venture in the neighbourhood got off to a rocky start when activists disrupted a news conference to open the building.


“They had signs that said — and I’ll never forget this — ‘No students and young workers in the Downtown Eastside.’ Like, what’s that?”



“They’ll go into a community like Grandview-Woodland, and say ‘what do you want to change about your community?’ and people come out and say ‘I don’t want anything to change’.

“What they should do is say, ‘things have to change in your community — every community in the city needs to accommodate 5,000 new residents in the next 20 years — how do you want to do it?”

Jon Stovell

Source: VIDEO: Jon Stovell of Reliance Properties on Vancouver’s bright future – urbanYVR

Examination of our local governance (e.g. the relationship between Park Board and City Hall is sounding a lot like the City of London thing).  We are going to look into this and stay tuned. 



The main question is, do we have a Grandparent’s Government or are we building a Grand Children edition of the same Bureaucracy?



“We are doing things differently in British Columbia. This is not your grandparents’ forestry industry. It is your grandchildren’s forestry industry if we do this properly,” Horgan said.



Source: B.C. deferring old-growth forestry in Fairy Creek and the Central Walbran for 2 years |



Adding to,




Oftentimes, these ideas, as words on paper, uttered by the mouths of politicians, works because they are, after all, the PR Company Owners, who can win the gambler’s hearts, gamblers who happens to have family member(s) who likes to skip the vaccine line, taking from a small Canadian/Indigenous town. 



No worries, even if your party leader is no PR experts themselves, all you need is the right boss who will bring you the “guru” at whatever costs. 


Have we mentioned the Cullen Commission on Money Laundering that effectively spans all political parties over the years? 


Everyone pretty much needs to be truly ‘do(ing) it properly‘ this time. 


We will continue to keep our hearts and mind on these matters that truly affects everyone. 



Until it is ‘proper’, you still have to take the alley and not the front door. 


You begin to wonder how much they do “care – these professional caretakers.




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