Eyebrow Tattoo (Eyebrow Enhancement)

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Historical Significance 100

E Eyebrow Tattooing 眉毛紋繡

眉 繡眉毛紋繡 Eyebrow Tattooing 

Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoos selfology_Wellness_Spa-SWS_Asthestics selfology.co

Transcription in three languages:

  1. English (ENG)

  2. Chinese Traditional  (CHTW)


Transcription in three languages:

  1. Chinese Traditional  (CHTW)


Edit “Eyebrow Tattoo (Eyebrow Enhancement)” with Elementor (selfology.co)

00:00:13:22 – 00:00:17:13

00:00:17:13 – 00:00:21:00
鼓勵新的思路 你要效果好

00:00:21:02 – 00:00:24:05
妥妥的明天是一個全新的 不用

00:00:24:05 – 00:00:49:04
學習的我只想要你把顏色改掉然後把你的 黑也要

00:00:49:06 – 00:00:52:04
的走到那你就 都

00:00:52:06 – 00:01:00:19

00:01:00:21 – 00:01:04:15
跨到就你喜歡我們兩個都滿意了 我們才開始

00:01:04:15 – 00:01:05:15

00:01:05:15 – 00:01:08:23
做 我不會做

00:01:09:01 – 00:01:15:03

00:01:15:05 – 00:01:18:18

00:01:18:20 – 00:01:22:09
不用你的不需要的時間 其實你的眉形

00:01:22:11 – 00:01:24:00
沒那麼 誇張都

00:01:24:00 – 00:01:25:15
時間要調整 的更好

00:01:25:15 – 00:01:30:15
對沒有錯是的是的是的 你的顏色就是

00:01:30:17 – 00:01:35:22
黑的 因為現在的變化大嗎 因為比如說變化特別大

00:01:36:00 – 00:01:39:02

00:01:39:05 – 00:01:41:17

00:01:41:19 – 00:01:44:23

00:01:45:00 – 00:01:50:15
就變了咖啡 那這杯咖啡了就好了

00:01:50:17 – 00:01:53:16

00:01:53:18 – 00:01:57:16
很大 幾率你們會不做沒有

00:01:57:18 – 00:01:59:15

00:01:59:15 – 00:02:03:04

00:02:03:06 – 00:02:08:21
但是我感激你們因為你們那個紅色的眉毛 它真的代謝不掉

00:02:08:23 – 00:02:12:18
這個我倒是知道 因為原來我比較介意

00:02:12:20 – 00:02:15:03

00:02:15:04 – 00:02:18:05
我是比較介意 因為你就像我的眼線一樣 對

00:02:18:06 – 00:02:20:06

00:02:20:06 – 00:02:21:19

00:02:21:19 – 00:02:25:05
但這種發紅我也不用那個紅 所以

00:02:25:05 – 00:02:28:08

00:02:28:10 – 00:02:29:19

00:02:29:19 – 00:02:31:10

00:02:31:10 – 00:02:33:22

00:02:34:00 – 00:02:35:22
他退了 不是就是一開始 我就慢慢的

00:02:35:22 – 00:02:39:13
推慢慢的 它就變色就淡了呀 對但是

00:02:39:15 – 00:02:42:18
它有底色嗎 我比較介意他退產生

00:02:42:19 – 00:02:45:15
這樣 這倒不會去看是

00:02:45:19 – 00:02:48:07
一直走 還是要在

00:02:48:09 – 00:02:50:07

00:02:50:07 – 00:02:55:00
了 就整體你還是要 的

00:02:55:02 – 00:02:57:09

00:02:57:09 – 00:03:00:16
了 不是這樣子改色改的色我覺得 但是你

00:03:00:16 – 00:03:02:00

00:03:02:00 – 00:03:04:07

00:03:04:10 – 00:03:06:15

00:03:06:15 – 00:03:11:00

00:03:11:02 – 00:03:12:17
你這個 如果你不改 你

00:03:12:17 – 00:03:16:19

00:03:16:21 – 00:03:19:13
改不改都行 那就都行

00:03:19:15 – 00:03:23:01
我希望你可以多一點 尤其是你的

00:03:23:01 – 00:03:26:08

00:03:26:10 – 00:03:29:05
如果你沒有改 你沒有沒有道理 沒有理由

00:03:29:05 – 00:03:33:14
我給你做跟蹤 那我們都是在一個紅色的上面最後我避免

00:03:33:16 – 00:03:39:20
底色了 不是那種出不來那種更好的效果對啊

00:03:39:22 – 00:03:43:15

00:03:43:17 – 00:03:47:19
差不多是要本人走的 因為他那個皮膚的鐳射 他還

00:03:47:19 – 00:03:53:07
真沒想到怎麼樣深的地方裡面深色 那我有可能

00:03:53:07 – 00:03:58:04
發酵而出去 那就先改就出去了 不用修改就去改了

00:03:58:04 – 00:04:01:14
你就得改了 你就煩了 我告訴你你就不會覺得

00:04:01:14 – 00:04:05:11

00:04:05:13 – 00:04:10:08
就看一下 你就會覺得OK 我

00:04:10:10 – 00:04:14:19

00:04:14:21 – 00:04:20:17

00:04:20:18 – 00:04:23:23
尤其是走上面吧 因為你的一個地方

00:04:23:23 – 00:04:27:22
比較靠近的雙眼皮比較的 所以上面

00:04:27:22 – 00:04:36:10

00:04:36:11 – 00:04:38:05

00:04:38:05 – 00:04:41:12

00:04:41:14 – 00:04:41:21


Transcription in three languages:

  1. ENG

1 Then share it again
2 Encourage new ideas. You must be effective.
3 Tomorrow will be a completely new one, no need
4 I just want you to change the color and make yours black
5 When you get there, you will
6 You can know what is finally presented
7 As long as you like it and we are both satisfied, then we start
8 Forcing you to come here
9 Do I won’t do it
10 It should mean that I didn’t like the first time
11 Because you have always been lukewarm
12 Don’t use your unnecessary time. In fact, the shape of your eyebrows
13 Not that exaggerated
14 Time needs to be adjusted better
15 Yes, yes, yes, yes, your color is
16 Black? Because there are big changes now? Because for example, the changes are very big.
17 Will it be light if I keep it for a while?
18 NO will not affect, will not affect
19 Usually most of the red ones are actually
20 It just changed to coffee. Then this cup of coffee will be fine.
21 So I give you likes for me
22 There is a high chance that you will not do it, right?
23 Especially for those who don’t have a big problem with eyebrow shape.
24 For me, it’s actually not that cost-effective.
25 But I’m grateful to you because your red eyebrows really can’t be metabolized.
26 I know this, because it turns out that I’m more concerned about it.
27 Neither do I, you, who have plastic surgery.
28 I mind it more because you are like my eyeliner, right
29 It means it will be put back, right?
30 So I have completely quit
31 But I don’t use that redness for this kind of redness, so
32 Maybe the color I’ve been asking for is similar to
33 What do I think now?
34 you still like
35 But I’d rather he quit
36 He retreated, didn’t he just start slowly?
37 Push it slowly and it will change color and become lighter. Yes, but
38 Does it have a base color? I’m more concerned about it fading away.
39 This way, I won’t go to see it, right?
40 Keep walking, you still have to be there
41 Not too much overall
42 As a whole, you still want it
43 Then it’s OK if we explain
44 It’s not like this. I think it’s a different color. But you
45 When you need a machine
46 The machine must be damned
47 That’s because every time I go
48 Was this species used when writing the paper? Still follow
49 If you don’t change, you
50 There is no way to get a tattoo like that, which is the premise that it has been changed.
51 It doesn’t matter if you change it or not. That’s okay.
52 I wish you could be more, especially yours
53 Generally speaking, it’s totally ok to use seeds.
54 If you haven’t changed, you have no reason, no reason
55 I’ll do the tracking for you. Then we’ll both be on a red one. In the end, I’ll avoid it.
56 The background color is not the kind that can’t come out and has a better effect, right?
57 You saw three, right?
58 He almost had to leave in person because of the laser on his skin.
59 I really didn’t expect it to be dark in deep places, so I might
60 If it ferments and goes out, then change it first and then go out. If you don’t need to change it, go ahead and change it.
61 You have to change it and you will be annoyed. If I tell you, you won’t feel it.
62 How can your face look better?
63 Just take a look and you will feel OK with me
64 If you had your character, I think you and I would all be together again
65 Come up with some that are right and some that are more gentle to the market.
66 Especially go up there because it’s your place
67 The double eyelids that are closer together are closer, so the top
68 and the whole above
69 It’s better over here
70 no human skin
71 also

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