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Selfology 3-in-1 TriBella™ Skin Renewal Method – Transform Your Skin with Three Technologies in One

If you are looking for a skin treatment that can address multiple skin concerns in one session, look no further than TriBella™ by Selfology. TriBella™ is a breakthrough skin renewal method that combines three technologies: IPL, RF, and skin resurfacing. These technologies work together to improve your skin tone, texture, and tightness, as well as reduce signs of aging, sun damage, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.

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Selfology 3 合 1 TriBella™ 皮膚更新方法 – 用三種技術改變您的皮膚

如果您正在尋找一種可以在一次療程中解決多種皮膚問題的皮膚護理,那麼 Selfology 的 TriBella™ 就是您的不二之選。TriBella™ 是一種突破性的皮膚更新方法,結合了三種技術:IPL、RF 和皮膚換膚。這些技術共同作用,改善您的膚色、質地和緊致度,並減少衰老、曬傷、痤瘡疤痕和膚色不均的跡象。您可以從四種 TriBella 服務中進行選擇,


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Selfology Booking in a Nutshell

Booking ARs are prioritized by the Selfology Reception (“SR”).


Step One

1. Once we have your Appointment Requests (“AR”), we will generate time-sensitive Tentative Booking (“TB”) for your review.

Step Two

2. Please confirm by replying to the right TB Email as sometimes, we issue multiple TBs for your choosing. 

Step Three

3. Upon receiving your confirmation on the right TB Email, we will run a final check on availability and fit, and a Final Confirmation w/ Calendar Attachment (FCw/CA) will arrive that confirms your selfology reservation.

Please kindly note the following,


∞ The Mindbody booking system will text you via 1 (604) 265-9935 for the automated information; this number is a no-reply number.  

∞ For additional requests, write to, or SMS at 604-733-7776

∞ Two days before the appointment, kindly click on the confirmation link within that reminder email (or by SMS when opted in).

∞ Each AR created will also add you to the active Waitlist automatically.   We will also keep an eye for other spots that matches your preference pattern. 

∞ For Rescheduling or cancellation, please complete the form at two Days Prior. 

For all other curiosities, please write to us at

Warm Heartedness, 

Selfology Superfamily

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Joyful Spirit

We’re thrilled to share incredible news – Selfology has found and settled into a new perfect home at Granville and 41st Park Square, marking a triumphant journey through the unique challenges of the pandemic Yesteryears” from 2020 to 2023.  Your unwavering support and loyalty have made this possible.

Come visit our sanctuary at Granville & 41st, where an array of self-care experiences await.   When you arrive at our Selfology haven, peaceful and spirited people will ensure your visit is truly transformational.

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